Bomb by J A Huss



Bomb- A Day in the Life of Spencer Shrike by J A Huss

Late to the party with these books I know and I’ve started them arse about face but boy am I hooked now!

So far I have had a Ford understanding – he is just my kind of man but having devoured Slack and Taut, I was delighted when yet another novella in the series appeared on the horizon – and now along comes Spencer it upset my inner peace and leave me torn between him and Ford, not that being between them would be a bad place to be!

BOMB gives us a chance to spend a day wandering around inside the head of Spencer Shrike, this self-proclaimed bad boy – really lets us peek at that fact he is anything but a bad boy – the old romantic that he is ( Yep I know!) .

Your Mum may have warned you to stay away from guys like Spencer but under all that muscle, all those tatt’s and all the bravado there is a real good guy.

The day spent with Spencer shows us that there is more to him that first indicated – fiercely loyal, there is nothing he won’t do for his friends and with regards to consequences – Spencer has no regard. He is an all or nothing guy, and at the moment it may appear that he has it all but the mess with Ronin and Ford really means that he has nothing because he doesn’t have Ronnie.

Because no matter what else is going on his life – one thing stands true – he is most definitely in love with Veronica Vaughn, and has been for almost 3 years. The only way to keep Ronnie out of harm’s way is to also keep her out of his way and while that sits way of the acceptable scale with Spencer he is determined that she will not suffer because of him. He knows she isn’t strong enough to handle it – she is no Rook!

Spencer is wise to the ways of the world, a shrewd and accomplished businessman who has created Shrike Bikes from absolutely nothing. But is the new shop and TV show going to be enough without her, I’m not sure even Spencer knows the answer to that one.

We can only hope that Veronica ( Ronnie) will get to know the truth in the end because at the minute she can only feel the pain of being side-lined in Spencer’s life – somewhere she most definitely doesn’t want to be.

Bomb, lets us reminisce with Spencer about the day he met Ronnie and how their relationship started. It gives us a view into the feisty woman who has his heart in her hands and we also see that they are very much a case of opposites attract.

But above all the book shows us that Spencer will go to any lengths to protect her, he always has – even on that first day when he was her arguing with a guy, he watched her to make sure she was Ok and that guy didn’t get out of hand – he didn’t know at the time that the guy in question was her brother.

Thought of as a player, with the common misconception being that he would ever be serious about one girl, Spencer uses his reputation to throw everyone a curveball and keep them off his case but more importantly to also keep them away from Ronnie – he does what is expected of him, and lets people see what they want to see but we learn that his regular ladies and dates are most definitely not what they seem.

He really has always had a plan, hasn’t he!

It is his plan that is a couple of weeks when the trial has finished he will be able to show Ronnie how he feels about her, to make her see what she means to him. He will be able to come clean about everything and finally have what Ford and Ronin have, a life with someone to love and someone that loves him. His life with Ronnie.

The next instalment – Guns is due out shortly and that is listed to be Spencer’s full length story – and after this novella, I can’t wait to see what it has in store. Well played Ms Huss – well played!!!!

Rated 4.5 out of 5