At that Moment by Scarlett Hartgrove

I will say from the very beginning that this author wove magic with this book, she really did a fabulous job.

The character didn’t just grow they evolved, she brought their whole lives to life right before me and it was superb.

This was a good look at life, through the eyes of characters that it was impossible not to care about, it showed issues that are faced by many in their true light and that element of realism was to the book and the authors credit because by including those topics which other shy away from showed a confidence to raise the bar.

This was so much more than just a love story it was a life journey.

Cara and Dylan were brilliant characters and their story was so passionate that at times it was painful.

Life after divorce is traumatic for anyone but it really pulled no punches with Cara and finally she has worked her way back to some semblance of normality, she has a group of fabulous friends, she has established a new career and not content with that she is full of everything that is her charity also.

But just when she might have thought it safe to take her foot off the gas, she is face to face with the man that saw her sanity safe thought her toughest times, the man that her fantasies are built around and the man that she never thought she would see in the flesh…and what delicious flesh it is.

Dylan the actor is everything she could and did dream of and more but what about Dylan the man? She is everything he never knew he wanted but despite the attraction, making something meaningful is going to take a lot more than fancy words, it is going to take time, patience and understanding and do weather of them have the aptitude for that?

Cara finds his attention difficult to understand and she isn’t exactly willing to put herself out there on a whim, after all she has the battle scars from her last relationship playing devil’s advocate in her mind, but the more time they spend together it gets harder and harder for the two of them to deny the feelings they have.

Can they bite the bullet and commit to making it work, or will fear and uncertainty pull them apart?

Nobody knows what the future holds but for this pair I had every digit crossed.

Topic: At that Moment by Scarlett Hartgrove

Date: 23/03/2016

By: Scarlett Hartgrove

Subject: My book, At That Moment

Thank you for participating in my Release Blitz. And especially, thank you for taking the time to read my l-o-n-g book and for your wonderful review! I'm so happy that you enjoyed it. Cara and Dylan will be back this summer in Book 2 of the series. Thanks again! -Scarlett xx

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