by Carian Cole



Lukas has been lurking, little snippets of him and Ivy have passed through my hands when I was reading the previous novel, but it was never quite enough, up until now and now, well dang he is something else.

The story is told in tandem with the events from Vandal’s story so if you haven’t read that book then I would say that in order to get a more rounded opinion it would be a good place to start. There are events that you get a second perspective on that you really need the other side of the coin in order to get the whole story.

For me this writing technique also gave an emotional edge to Lukas’s tale. Because believe me there are events that will have you reaching for the tissues!

Lukas has been through so much in his lifetime that it was incredible to read that he was as put together as he is, he is very philosophical in many ways, the things that he has experienced has shaped his life.

It is because of those, he is the most gloriously empathetic man, he has a beautiful soul and a kindness that oozes from every pore.

And it is that, that draws the connection between him and Ivy

Ivy, fought her attraction to the much younger Lukas until she realised that she was fighting the inevitable. They really were super together, she brought Lukas to life and he gave her a freedom to let her spirit shine.

The chat and banter between the two of them was more than I had imagined, he really was relentless but it was so worth it!

Ivy was an interesting character, but I thought Lukas lit the fuse and his love showed her that she was more than she had considered possible. He blew away the cobwebs and together they brought light into each other’s lives.

It was also completely packed with characters that screamed for an opportunity to tell me more. I adored Ray- god please I need to hear more from this filthy mouthed man!

The story was easy to read, smooth and determined. It was full to the brim with action and expectations, many of them unexpected! Especially the ending????

And this brings me to the star of the show- well besides Lukas that is- Grams!

Honestly I love her, she was brilliant!!!!!