Reasonable Doubts

by Cara Bristol


Part of series this is one that had slid under my radar but I have to say that I have now gone back and read the books that came before it. I know you can read it on its own but I have to say that having now finished the other books, I think if you have the chance you should try the series as a whole.

The book is Liz and Gavin’s story and it is one that caught my attention straight away, these were not kids, they were not college sweethearts finding their way against the odd, they we grownups with life experiences and knockbacks, that had not just jobs but careers that weighted heavy on their lives.

I mean one attorney in a relationship is probably one too many but when they are both in the profession, well shit just got even more complicated.

Liz is a partner in her firm and Gavin is ex force’s –JAG, now moving out of service into the big bad world of private law. Liz is alone having been widowed after over 20 years of marriage and now isn’t looking particularly for a romantic liaison.

But one thing you get when you least expect it, might just be what you have needed all along and at least when there is an older person or couple as the main characters in a lot less angst and I like that, I like the maturity that age brings to a relationship.

That is not to say that everything is plain sailing for them, they both have history and they both have things that they would prefer to keep hidden but what you wish for isn’t always what you get- life can be a bitch like that. But giving up their secrets gives them the opportunity to show that nothing can be too much if you are prepared to put in the effort. They worked through the issues and because of that they gave themselves the opportunity to be happy.

You need to be open minded on occasion while reading this because there is elements of discipline/spanking included in the story but it is not gratuitous and I think that it was well placed within the context of what is a well written, emotionally paced insight into love not only after experiencing loss but also when you are fighting against the expectations of those around you.

Good Book