Life to my Flight by Lani Lynn Vale

I have read each of the stories in this series and I have loved each and every one of them, the guys have everything going for them and the women they love are most definitely loved without exception – they hold nothing back in their relationships.

But this is Rue and Cleo’s story – and while I found there story to be slightly more distracting that the others I have to say that overall it was a fabulous addition to the series.

Rue and Cleo have been friends for years, best friend no less but after one night Cleo up and left and Rue moved on – taking what she had left of her heart with her because the biggest part of it had deserted her when he walked away.

I didn’t take to Rue easily she was feisty to the point that her abrupt character was off putting initially but I think that was because I didn’t get her, once I realised what she had been through – or to be more precise the history of the relationship between her and Cleo I was a little more accepting of her and her peculiarities.

Cleo thought what he had done in leaving was for the best, seeing every one of his colleague suffer from failed marriages and relationships he wanted better for Rue and was certain that she would be better off without him – god men can be so dense at times!

But now he is back and he has one plan – to make up for lost time, because this there is no running out – he is playing for keeps.

But not everything is smooth sailing and when Rue is under threat, Cleo and the other guys from the Dixie Wardens set about doing what they do best, protecting their own.

Not everything is plain sailing and there are some harrowing events in this book, friends suffer as the campaign to prevent Rue from testifying gathers pace and when the Wardens lose one of their own I couldn’t help but let the tears flow.

Cleo and Rue were great together, they had humour and intensity but most of all they had history that although it had been tough on them both but that gave their relationship depth.

I have to admit that eventually I warmed to Rue and she was really very likeable but I adored Cleo – I loved his sass, the smart mouth that he wasn’t shy of using (in any way he pleased) and the fierceness with which he not only pursued but once he had her adored his woman was just smoulderingly hot – this sexy Pararescueman is every woman’s fantasy but chuck his sexy as sin fellow bikers into the mix and I for one am caught- hook, line and sinker!!