Filthy Rich

by Virna DePaul


I thought I had this story pegged, I was cheekily pleased with myself confident in the knowledge that I knew what was going to happen…more fool me!

This author took what I considered a dead cert and threw it back at me, mixing up all the pieces in the process. What a read!

My first read from Virna and I have no intensions of it being my last, she has a beautiful way with words, her ability to not create but craft a story had me completely captivated.

I found the story was a slow burned so to speak, it took a little while to find its feet but by the time Branden entered the fray, I was a devotee.

Far from being everything you might imagine a man in his position to be, Branden is the complete opposite, he has an empathy that was just so beautiful that once Cara entered his life I was almost skipping with delight.

But true to form the author was holding her cards very close to her chest and she slowly let us in on the details that brought the pair of them and their story to life.

There were characters in the book that surprised me on more than one occasion and an ending that I really would never have seen coming given another month to ponder.

A fabulous book that I am so pleased I took the time to read.

Topic: Filthy Rich by Virna DePaul

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