Metal & Lace

by Lena Black


Metal & Lace. Wow!

I need to get me a Gunnar because boy, this man hits you with both barrels on page one and he just never lets up.

He is bad to the bone, if you were to look up the term “manwhore” in the thesaurus, you will find his picture right there under the description but he can back up the terminology, because this rocker is not only tattooed, he’s adored with metalwork in all the right places (if you know what I mean) and he has a mouth that knows who to rock filthy like a pro!

Gunnar has this whole rocker lifestyle nailed, I mean the good old sex, drugs and rock and roll was completely made for this man. But his operating manual was just about to get a rewrite and the reason for this was the delicious Lacey.

This smart mouth reporter was more than his match and the chemistry between them the sort that songs are truly written about. They made me laugh – the snippy conversations between the two of them was just funny.

But if ever there was a pair that on paper should have never stood a hope in hell of being a couple it was these two.

They were complete polar opposites.

Someone like Gunnar was so far off her radar that heck, he was out of her stratosphere but it’s that old chestnut… the heart wants what it wants and no matter what the two of them were going to get it on!

Their initial meeting sets all kinds of possibilities whirling because it was quite awesome. This pair knew what buttons to push, to push each other to the sexy side of crazy, they were feisty- heck down right explosive. Nothing was straight forward and it was glorious to read

I have my fingers crossed that we get more from the rest of the band, especially Dylan.