by LP Dover

Almost 4 stars
Put a sports romance in front of me and I am generally a very happy woman, and for the most part I was happy with this one but that doesn’t mean that I loved everything or even everyone…or at least not all of the time.
And I will say now that it was the leading lady that was at the centre of my irk…I wanted her to be just the woman that Dallas needed, and she was in many ways, but she seemed happy to behave like a brat a little too much for me, I got that she had been round the hockey guys before and that’s he was perfectly well aware of the reputation that proceeded the infamous Dallas, but I didn’t get why she felt that she could be so darn rude!
Callie is living with her brother, who just happens to be Dallas’s team mate, (and not one he particularly got on with either) but when they first met it was fairly obvious that there was or at least there could possibly be a connection between the pair of them, but they had issues to overcome, not least being Dallas’s womanising ways and what seemed to be here desire to play hard to get …come on woman grow up!
Anyway, despite my misgivings Dallas seemed to like her and was willing to put up with her ways, and because I was warming to his cocky self, I had to work hard to get past some of the antics a little less than endearing.
Apart from the unconventional shenanigans, the story had a great hockey content to distract me from the angst that the characters seemed determined to inflict and it wasn’t just Dallas and Callie that were willing to add their tuppence worth, nope just when I thought I had this pair under control, up would pop one of her brothers or the harpy duo, Kristen and Hannah!
So, what about the good bits? and I will admit there were plenty. I loved the fact that the author told the story from dual points of view and that they each had the opportunity to express themselves. There were some points in the story that were able to raise the steam factor, and some aspects that brought a wide smile to my face.
Whilst it could be said that the general story wasn’t anything ground breaking I think it was telling that the author was able to dish up difficult character’s (for me anyway) that I was unable to put down.
It was the pace of the story drew me in, but it was the connection between Dallas and Callie kept me hooked, the uncertain anticipation of how they would find a middle ground to build upon was, enchanting!

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