The Terms

by Ruby Rowe

Totally addictive, this amazing story blew me away. It had everything I thought it would and a darn sight more. The author unleashed this story and it hit the ground running from the very first page, never letting up for a single second…superb.

I thought the work was first class, superbly well written with not just enough drama to keep me completely entertained but also enough humour to catch me unawares. If I had to sum it up in just a couple of words I would say that it is Intelligently entertaining.

I liked the fact that both Camilla and Ellis characters (oh and don’t forget Christopher) had personalities that kept them engaging, they had layers that the author doesn’t necessarily reveal immediately, this made for a journey of discovery as the story unfolded and not just with the plot, with the characters too.

They each had things that had to be taken into account but that they were playing close to their chests, especially Camilla. The secrets that she holds dear are what I would consider torturous but I understood why, her life revolves around her son Liam …so she will do whatever it takes!

Ellis, Oh my! I have no words, this is a guy that is everything you could possibly want and then some, yep he may have not been stinking rich but I think that made him more resourceful and more of an enigma. He knew exactly what he wanted and he did whatever it took to get it. Although I have to say that I think there is a hidden side to Ellis that we have yet to tap into and I hope that the author doesn’t keep us hanging around long because I can’t wait to get underneath his skin.

Finishing up on a momentous cliff hanger, I feel as if I am crying out for the next book already, I can’t wait to see where this goes next.

Suspense laden intimacy, this was masterful…congratulations to the author!

Topic: The Terms by Ruby Rowe

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