Filthy Dirty Fate by Grace Morgan


I have loved this series, short quick sexy read but this hasn’t been my favourite book, it was all concluded much too cleanly for me… is it wrong that I was looking for a little bit more angst?

Anyway Lola has found out what has happened to Hope but I was disappointed that she didn’t get to the bottom of the whole story, I know when was happy to have her friend back but she had gone to such lengths to uncover the truth that I would wanted all the info. But then again I’m not Lola- perhaps having Hope back was enough.

But her assumption of responsibility rather than taking that extra step almost cost her Burke, because her gut instinct played her wrong and when she had it in her head that Burke was to blame there was no way she could stay, so she left!

I really could have clocked her one.

Apart they realise that there is something more going on between the pair of them and with Carter’s help they seem to be able to not only clear the air but find their way back to where they need to be- with each other.

Love permeates their souls, Burke may be a Dom but his heart is not bullet proof and Lola has shattered her way through it, forcing this sexy as sin man to change the way he thinks.

I love the fact that he was caught unawares by the feelings he develops for Lola.

Again a short sharp injection of spice and an epilogue that rounded the story off very nicely.