Magnolia Grove Series

by JB McGee

So I had no idea that these had been previously been released as a series of novellas and more fool me because I obviously missed a cracking read first time round, so picking this little collection up this time I have to say that it was delightful.

Camellia Spencer wasn’t the girl that her family wanted her to be and nor should she have been. They had their expectations of not only who and when she would marry and what sort of wife and come to think of it what woman she would be too but she had other ideas, ones that would have them and the country club running for the hills.

So when she is selected for the dream date auction at the Country Club, who was she to refuse. Little did she know that a blast from her past was about to blow in and whip up a storm at a club that never believed he was good enough and for a woman that he should never have let slip through his fingers.

He had Cammie once in his life and despite their dreams, it was their reality that won through but that hasn’t stopped the fact that Holden Maters has loved her every day from that day to this and now that he has the opportunity to win her back he isn’t going to let anything get in his way. From the outset I clicked with Holden, he rang true for me and that was enough to have me rooting for him all the way.

He had been through the mill yes but he was a stronger person for all his tragedy and I loved the fact that he was so driven. From his teenage years Camellia had meant something to him and now he had her he was going to do everything he had to in order to keep her…losing was not an option.

The connection between the two of them was so intense that you may very well need and fan or a damp flannel because cooling yourself down is unavoidable! They set the pages ablaze!

I liked the fact that the story was told both in the here and now and retrospectively and that, the time that the author gave us glancing backwards was equally as important as it showed who they were then and why what they had was right for that time. And in doing so it highlighted just how right they were for each other now!

Great story, well written and highly entertaining – loved it.

Topic: Magnolia Grove Series by JB McGee

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