Thursday Afternoon

by Beth Rinyu

There was a depth in this story that really brought the characters to life.

Simon and Bree were totally captivating. Both had elements of their lives that I found myself raising an eyebrow at but that was more through curiosity than anything else, I wanted to see where their journey was going to take them and with this author in charge I knew both them and I were in very safe hands.

Bree had been through so much and not all of it good but with the help of some pretty amazing secondary characters I thought that the woman that she was now after all her anguish was pretty amazing, her reaction to one very painful element of her life had, just went to show that she was ready to carve out a new destiny…take her future back into her own hands.

Simon was far from the finished article, he had been through it’s own hardships but from the minuet he laid his eyes on Bree he had a focus that he was willing to fight tooth and nail for. I adored the way he was with her, the fact that he never judged her, he gave her the freedom to be who she needed to be in a way that was entirely right for her and by doing so I knew that they were right for each other.

Be warned through you may shed a tear or two over someone other than Bree or Simon!

Topic: Thursday Afternoon by Beth Rinyu

Date: 23/06/2017

By: Isa Jones

Subject: REVIEW

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