Rugged by Lila Monroe

This was as upper funny read, it had me giggling for much of the time.

Laurel hates that she grew up in a small town, in her mind she is as city as they come, with huge Hollywood aspirations or at least that is what she thinks!

And when she gets a new job with a television production company, all her dreams have come true, or again so she thinks, because when in house shenanigans put everything in peril, her dream may be crumbling around her but she needed have worried because rather than placing her fledging career at risk, she is handed the opportunity of a lifetime…produce her own show, but one little problem- she has to come up with her own concept and that is easier said than done.

But a chance find leads her to Flint McKay, a sexy man who is less than willing to be part of her scheme. But can she convince him to give her show a shot, it could just turn his family fortunes around and save her career all in one fail swoop?

Life in rural Massachusetts, is everything that Flint wants, it is his happy place but bringing Laurel and the cameras into his life is going to put paid to all that but what option does he have when his family’s future is on the line.

I liked the fizz between the two of them, the chemistry that meant that they drew you into their relationship and refused to let you leave.

They had changes and differences to address but they couldn’t deny the fact that together they had something special…but what they had to work out was, was it special enough?

Topic: Rugged by Lila Monroe

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