Going Down Fast by Carly Phillips

There is nothing not to love about this book, the writing style, the characterisation, the whole kit and caboodle is just on the money!

Lucas…oh my man where have you been all my life. Looking for the perfect leading man, look no further the guy has it all and he has it is spades.

I loved the way he was with Maxie, the fact that as much as he wanted to protect her and be everything she needed, he knew that he had to keep that urge under control because what she needed was for him to be her support while she worked through her problems herself, not for him to do it for her. I could almost physically feel his anguish, the fact that he had to reign himself in somewhat but in my book, that was the mark of not just a good man but a great man.   

You get a heads up at the very beginning that all is not as it should be with Maxie, she really has been through the mill. Her past relationship was enough to have left its mark and while she has always had a thing for Lucas, taking it to the next step has never been an option.

But there is only so much denying themselves that they can endure, they have to face facts and address that what they feel isn’t going away, but in order to do that they have to also deal with the everyone else.

I wanted them to have their happy ever after but I knew that this author wasn’t going to give it up easily, she was going to make them both work hard to get what they wanted most…each other.

Together they were sizzling, they set the page alight. But this was more than that, this was deeper, more emotional, more connected and the book was all the better for the depths that the author was prepared to take them too.

This was a man that was willing do whatever he had too to have his woman, the love of his life, his reason to breathe. He wanted her more than he had ever wanted anything before and it took time to show Maxie that. She was a little slower to the party is some respects, she took some convincing that not only was he in it for the long haul but also for the right reasons.

Maxie wanted to nothing more than to be loved and with Lucas she couldn’t have found a better man.

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