Ryder by Jani Kaye



Ryder - Scorpions MC Series by Jani Kay

This is the prequel to the Scorpions MC Series and introduced us to the magnificence that is Ryder Knox.

This is not one for the faint hearted - Ryder pulls no punches and is epitome of what we would expect from a member of the Scorpions MC but what you see doesn't always tell the truth. Describing Ryder as having come from a disfunctional family would be an out and out lie - Ryder had no family ( except his little brother) No parent to love and protect him - just a groupie mother and the bunch of degenerate band members that she hung around with thaht used and abused her like last weeks trash.Eventually ending up in juvenile detention for the events that arose while Ryder tried to protect his little brother ( I won't say what- you need to read it) - a mere child - Ryder learns the harsest of life's lessons. Chaper Eight is tough reading but life is tough and I am glad that the writer didn't shy away from the dark side of the situation.

Being rescued and accepted by members of the MC at a very early age Ryder has earned there trust and risen through teh ranks. He has a lot laying on his shoulders but it is a burden taht he is willing to carry and like his patch , he will wear it with pride. These guys are his family.

Jade Summers is a strong woman - educated adn from a family with money - she is looking for the perfect man - when she is introduced to Ryder Knox the meeting is not one of minds. Little does she know theht while Ryder is far from Perfect - he is perfect for her.

He is rude and crude towards her but to give her credit she gives as good as she gets - this girl can weald sarcasm like a knife through butter - she is fearless and the intimidating Mr Knox is not getting the better of her.

Introduced to her fathers pick of suitor, he makes no mistake of informing Jade that her future is with him - it has been agreed - almost like a business transaction. Jade is not the type of girl to accept this and makes sure he understands thaht while it may be ok with her father - that cuts no ice with her, if he wants her he is going to have to work for her. Unfortunately ( or fortunately depending on how you look at it) Jade finds him in a compromising sitiuation with a member of staff at the office - but unfortunately for Jade - Ryder is there to witness the humiliation and while she can more than verbally handle herself - Ryder has a few of his expressive choice words to say to him about the situation, and then to add insult he offers Jade a lift home. Seeing Ryder's bike outside Jade knows she should refuse and get a taxi but hell why not, so undetered she hoists up her skirt and climbs on not before flipping her now ex boyfriend the bird - good girl!!!

The heat between Jade and Ryder is tangible, the connection is complete - but the burner beneath the pair of them is just about to get turned up - and it is not going to be pretty!.

Jade drops the bombshell that they can't see each other as her brother is a cop and he really hates bikers - Ryder gets news that there has been a cop asking questions about him - two guesses where this is going ????

I fully understand the need for this prequel - we needed the back story between Jade and Ryder prior to the release of the first novel in March.

If the next novel is half as strong as this is then it is going to be case of strapping in for the ride of a lifetime because these two are explosive!!

Rating - 5 out of 5