by Zoe Danielle


Right let me get comfortable because I have just finished reading this book and I am still all of a fluster – you may ask why and if you do then I am trusting that you haven’t read the book yet because if you have, you would know that the reason for my current state of flux can be summed up in just two words – Matthew Jackson!!!

Getting down to the book itself is easy – for a first novel Zoe Danielle has done a great job she has dished up two main characters that I have to say are pretty hard not love.

Casey is a fabulous female lead, dealt what can only be described as a defining blow by her boyfriend when she was younger, she gathered up her broken heart and ploughed head first into what she knew best – her business, now 4 years later she is a self-assured and sexy woman who is filthy rich and about too merge her company with an American business mogul.

Casey was delightful, she has it all going on – she had made her mark in the business forum and also has enough money to afford her the luxury of being able to face each day with the confidence that her acumen has bestowed upon her and good for her – it is great to have a business savvy woman heading the show.

Enter the other half of this business proposal,my new obsession – the true definition of sex on a stick – Matthew Jackson – dang… he has it all and then some!! This filthy rich, gloriously sexy man is just completely divine!!! And I am in complete and utter lust!

Matthew can have any woman he wants – the usual leggy blonde being his version of choice but when Casey is introduced he may just be rethinking his usual operations because the pull between them has him completely intrigued – and this is a man that get what he wants – but will Casey feel the same?

Your damn tooting she will – and together they set the page alight!!

The story has a way left to run and I am delighted about that because I don’t want to let Mr Jackson out of my sight just yet!

The story runs along at a pace but is not rushed, it is paced perfectly but it does throw the odd curveball at you along the way so be prepared to duck!

Oh and the end will knock you sideways – it is had me screaming!!!