Brendon by Nicole Edwards


The last hurrah for the Walker brothers and this time it is Brendon Walker’s turn to get his happy ever after, but his is one that he has longed for, for such a long time with little chance to chase away the demons that have plagued his way to the gorgeous and talented Cheyanne Montgomery.

I could have slapped him upside his head when I read Braydon’s story, I found the way he was behaving childish and hurtful but I also understood that being apart from his twin was frightening for him, but sulking and scurrying around served no purpose what so ever.

But with everyone else having found their happy ever afters, Brendon really did feel as if the weight of expectation was now focussed on him.

He had his sights set on his woman, the one that had been holding on tight to the strings of his heart since he first clapped eyes on her but lusting after her and actually winning her round were two different things and Cheyanne wasn’t your run of the mill woman.

This country superstar was his reason to fit in and in the past his actions had her more than sceptical of his ability to commit to just one woman but she liked Brendon and felt safe with the Walker family, so when she needed to take time out to escape from the public and some unwarranted attention, she sets up home in Coyote Ridge.

Nothing is smooth for this pair, they have history but it really isn’t anything that can’t be overcome, I had my fingers crossed for the pair of them but most of all I just wanted to know that Brendon was happy.

Cheyanne’s stalker was an interesting twist in the tale and it was the perfect opportunity to show Brendon’s possessive side, one that he was only too willing to let out to play.

He loved Cheyanne with everything that he had and she was the perfect woman for him, she allowed him to flex is alpha tendencies but also cossetted him with the love and attention that he craved.

This whole family have been superb and all the brothers and their partners appear again throughout this story.

Nicole Edwards dished up a fitting end to what has been a remarkable series, each and every one of these guys has been spectacular, she has seamlessly woven characters from her other series through each of the stories and this is no different, this time we get a sneaky peek into the guys from Sniper Security.

A fitting conclusion to the brothers stories but with one final little story still to come ( I hear Curtis is to get his own book) then I am hanging on to hope that we get just a little taste more of life in Coyote Ridge and this amazing family.