by Julie A. Richman

With a sense of purpose all of its own, this was nothing short of literary genius. The power that the author poured through each and every word onto the page resulted in a body of work that is so emotionally intense that it almost defies adequate description.
I have read so many books this year and I will hands down say that this I the most emotional of them all, it exacted the most reaction from me and left me with a feeling that bordered on grief when it was finished, I was bereft that it was over, I may have been emotionally abused whilst I was reading it but that didn’t mean I wanted it to end!
From start to finish this was quite simply breath-taking, I felt completely engaged, both with the characters that totally stole my heart and those that really earnt my irk…you will know who they are when you read the story, there is no mistaking them and their ways.
Kylie just blew me away, a woman that whilst she had problems that needed to be solved, was doing what she had to do to move forward. I got that she had influences that really had a profound effect on her but I was full of admiration for the fact that she was facing up to what she had to do and trying to put things right.
Jesse, oh boy, impossible not to fall head over heels for his bad boy and all his quirkiness. Yep, he was a walking advertisement for everything that you would expect a Rockstar to be but that wasn’t what defined him, for me, it was the capacity that his heart had to show kindness and empathy to Kylie. From the time, they met they were emotionally joined, there was an invisible connection that tethered them to each other and that grounded them in so many ways, this was a relationship that was founded on individual heartache that together they had the capacity to overcome but that they had to work on.
I adored the pair of them, the depth of feeling that the author put into each of their characters and the fact that their aid and assistance cut both ways, this wasn’t a lean on me situation, this was a let’s stand tall together.
The story delivered on all fronts, it was totally addictive, both storyline and characterization, it had a sensitive emotional vibe that was beautifully written and absolutely believable. This was a couple that I wanted to pray for, that mattered to me and through all the angst and upheaval, I had to find time to remember to exhale…holding your breath will become an involuntary act, the story demands it!
Julie Richman…you hero!!

Topic: LOVE ON THE EDGE OF TIME by Julie A. Richman

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