Taming Jake Wolfe by Juliette Jones

Oh my word – when the blurb say that Jake is “bad to the bone” they were not kidding – but dear lord is he delicious with it, his bad is somewhere I want to be!!

This short and spicy little novel has all the hallmarks of what could potentially be a firm favourite because for all his badass ways Jake Wolfe is a man I really don’t want to let slip through my fingers – just yet.

Zara is to all intents and purposes perfect and the model of the straight A student but what you don’t get initially is that this girl has a lot more going on that you would think at first glance and while Jake is quite happy to do whatever he feels like whenever he feels like it. Zara does whatever it takes!

So when Jake musters up at her home while her old folks are away – she is about to learn the difference between being in school and getting schooled – and Jake Wolfe has just morphed into professor badass!

So can this bad boy, teach the little lady in question to cut loose or will Zara break his mould and him in the process?

One weekend and everything they know shifts, everything they think they want changes. They both learn lessons that they were not expecting and that always has to be a good thing.

The story will get it claws into you pretty early on and to be honest it won’t let you shake it loose, and that is a good thing because I am looking forward to more from this series and I have to say I can’t wait to hear a bit more about Alexander!