Etching Our Way

by Abigail Davies and Danielle Dickson

Take two talented authors and give them the opportunity to join forces and what you have in a book that you will simply not be able to pit down.

This was the story of a young love that fell by the wayside being given it chance to come to fruition.

Tristan and Harmony where probably what could be described as a typical teenage couple, right up until the point where he pushed his way out of her life, it wasn’t what either of them wanted but he had his reasons, ones that she would have never understood that were entirely selfless…he loved her and was doing what he had to do for what he thought was the best at that time.

But as you may expect life goes on for the heart broken young lovers and in the decade since the parted ways they have both been through so much. They both married and while Harmony is in the middle of getting divorced, life was much crueller to Tristan, his wife passed away leaving him with two small children to raise and a business to run on his own.

Returning how to start again puts Harmony and Tristan back in contact and well, that is as much as you are getting from me because what follows in a second chance story that isn’t just an story its an experience.

Beautifully written, this was a touching look at love and loss, of starting over and of finding your way back to the person your heart refuses to give up on.

** you may want to keep the tissues nearby**

Topic: Etching Our Way by Abigail Davies and Danielle Dickson

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