Morrison by MJ Fields & Chelsea Camaron

These Caldwell boys – Wow!

Morison is something else – and he had me from page one.

I liked the first book in the series and this being book two I was delighted that the rest of the family were still prominent throughout the story.

This is Hailey and Morrison’s story and I have to say that it was a great read.

A chance meeting and their futures change forever.

Morrison is a player, he not only talks the talk but he is more than able to walk the walk too. He is all that and something but he is a Caldwell and that will never change. He has morals, he has rules that he lives by and his family would expect nothing less.

Hailey on the other hand is a single mother, who is doing whatever she has to in order to survive and provide for her daughter but the day she is won as the prize in a game of poker, her life took on a whole new turn. Debts must be paid but this? This is a whole new level of low!

But if this is what it takes to earn freedom for both her and her daughter, her options are limited.

But will she take the offer of help when it is extended? Can she let Morrison in and accept that she needs his help?

And will Morrison be able show her the care and attention that she needs, will he be able to be the man that she really needs, not the man that he thinks?

I adored the fact that Morrison was willing to share his family with Hailey, to show her that what she had experienced so far was not how it should be. Hailey was a skittish character in some respects but I got why she was the way she was, I understood her attitude and apprehension but my heart hurt for her at what she had missed out on and how poor her life experiences had been up until Morrison.

She needed a man like him, a man that would love and treat her right, I was just willing her to accept the happy ever after that he was willing to offer both her and her daughter.

As I said at the start, the rest of the family sporadically appear throughout the book and with Jagger up next, I am beginning to think that this family may be something very special!

A wonderfully well written story, full of engaging and complex characters.

Topic: Morrison by MJ Fields & Chelsea Camaron

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