Gifts Entwined by Amie Saskatchewan

I feel as if I have gone full circle, because in this book it is Matthew and Bella that are front and centre. I liked what I saw of Matthew in the first book in the series and initially when this started off, I was a little unsure whether I was going to be able to see past the fact that he left Bella.

I mean I get that couples split all the time but this was all about him, he was the one that was doubting what and who he was, and when he almost tried to re-invent himself as Matt and got involved with other women, well a little bit if me was lost.

But that didn’t mean that wasn’t ever such a teeny bit pleased that all his inner searching lead him right back to where it all began, the cabin. What the heck is going on with that cabin and mysteriously placed notes and cryptic clues??

The place seems to have some sort of power of epiphany over him because it doesn’t take long for him to suss that there was only one place he needs to be. One person he needs to be with and that is Bella but will she be willing to take him back?

The journey that Matthew and Bella were on was always going to be more intense that what we had read previously because he had the scene under his belt, he was a dominant whether his confidence was dented or not, it was in his bones to be that way.

But as you would expect the author pitched the heat factor up to max on this read, she left no stone unturned and no act unquantified. The passion burned and the main characters, well they set the page alight!

A journey of discover for all those involved that is a sensual as it is intense and as graphically beautiful as it is emotionally challenging.

This author just keeps on getting better and better

Topic: Gifts Entwined by Amie Saskatchewan

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