by Callie Hart

Having read the first two instalments of this series, I was keen to get my hands on this the last of the books but was my anticipation rewarded?? Well, seriously what do you expect …of course it did and so much more!
It covered every emotion and left no stone unturned in its determination of excellence.
I quite simply adored Fix and in this, I fell a little more into the realms of being besotted by him, I get that he wasn’t always a particularly nice guy and that, that side of him wasn’t just for glorification or bravado. Nope, this was who he was, a side of him that he never hid and never shirked from but if you were of importance to Fix, if he cared and if you mattered to him, there was a side to his personality that was saved just for you, because Fix fought hard for everything and everyone he held dear.
The story that unfolded, the relationship that developed between Fix and Sera was riveting, they had a kinship that brought the page to life and kept me hooked.
I can’t tell you what happens as I would be doing not only the author but you a disservice, because I feel strongly that this is an experience novel, one that you will get so much out of for yourself as you allow the story to unfold before you, just the way the author wants it too. We all have our own picture in our head, our own idea of what and who the characters are, and I think that it is those inflictions that ingrain a story to us and for me, this is so far under my skin I think it has taken root.
Prepare yourself for a story that might be brutal in some places but that is definitely action-packed from the very first to the very last page. There were lighter moments interspersed into that intensity, pipets of humour that were carefully dropped in at just the right moment.  If you are reading this then I know that you will be acutely aware of the magnitude of the work that Ms Hart pours into her books…with this I am staggered at her creativity.
Exceptional, this reads beautifully, and yes, I do understand that that may be a strange word for this story but the quality of the work, the depth of meaning and the level of emotion are beautiful and therefore I stick with my description… BEAUTIFUL

Topic: Freaks by Callie Hart

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