Stay the Night

by Cora Cade


This was my Sunday afternoon read and it hit the spot completely, it had all the feels I could have ever wanted and it took my mind to a place I think I would like to stay permanently given half a chance.

North Carolina was now home to Lainey following the end of a relationship that left her both physically and mentally scarred, but with her brother’s help she is out and on the path to a new life…or at least that is the plan?

Will she get what she wants?

Will her past stay in the past or is it twiddling its thumbs and counting the minutes until it gets an opportunity to bite her on the butt?

Well them is the questions, I think and the only way you are going to know for sure is by reading the book.

No, I’m not going to leave it there, that would be cruel, I’m going to give you a little more in the hope that I can try to make you see that this is one you should pick up.

Chris Harper is friends with Lainey’s brother, he is also the guy that is helping her get her new venture off the ground, he is designing her new coffee shop.

Now I loved the fact that Lainey was so strong, so determined, so resilient and while she had been through so much, it was refreshing to see her embrace her new position and to grab the opportunities she now had by the horns so to speak but Chris, was he an opportunity too far …it might have seemed so or at least his reputation with the ladies had Lainey thinking so.

But is his reputation deserved? after all he has been nothing but kind to her, looking after her when she has a fall, listening attentively to her plans for the business, he has given her no reason to doubt him, but is it him or herself that she has an issue with?

Can she trust herself to let go and find happiness or is what happened with her ex, standing in the way of her future, was his abuse plaguing her mind?

Has Chris finally found the woman that he wants to keep? And can he make her see that he is not who she thinks?

Dang, Lainey I’ll have him if you don’t want him, he was such a nice guy.

The story had a life of its own, it had an easy lilt and it flowed seamlessly, the characters were engaging and the secondary characters held almost as much prominence as Lainey and Chris.

This is one that you owe yourself, give yourself the night off and curl up with a glass of wine and indulge.

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