Rock Solid by K E Osborn

The first book in the much anticipated Next Generation Series and a continuation in as much of the Rock God Series.

The book is the story of the children of the band members and they will each get their turn.

This Annie’s story.

It isn’t easy being the child of the rock god that is Colter Slade but I loved the fact that we got to follow Annie’s life through a significant proportion of her formative years.

Colt and Lia adopted Annie and by the time she hits her twenties she has been on a journey than many twice her age never get to experience. Rising from the bosom of Slayed comes the kids and their band Staked but not riding on the coattails of their parents the kids set out to stamp their mark on the industry and they do so with a firm foot- they are heading for superstardom!

But through it all Annie has always had the fabulous Aston to lean on and to bail her out of the odd scrape or two along the way when things went awry but she has him firmly entrenched in the BFF category and that is far from where Aston wants to be and he sets out to redefine their boundaries.

Fame and fortune for the band means that they are exposed, even more than they had been growing up with mega famous parents but Annie is struggling with fame and adoration, she still harbours fears about the fact that her birth parents didn’t want her – wondering what did she do to make them leave her – she feels as if she is not worth loving – if only she would open her eyes and let Aston in he would show her love that she could never doubt – Can’t she see what is right before her eyes? Or will her past come back to derail the future she deserves?

The story was packed with emotion and events that had me both laughing and crying – it was a fantastic start to what I think will be a series that will hold hostage to not only the fans of the original series but this cracker of a spinoff.