Easy Silence by Beth Rinyu

Samantha Carmichael and Jaxson Callahan were from different backgrounds, in fact you couldn't get more different if you tried. She was the daughter of a politician and  he was the son of a whore. 

Samantha has gone to stay with her grandmother for the summer before she starts college. She still lives in the town where her family grew up and it feels like home. Unfortunately as nice as home is for her, another resident of the town wants to be as far from home as possible.

When she first sees him, he is standing bruised and broken on the beach and as much as she tries to offer him comfort, he refuses to let her in. On the same beach that night, he has to save her life as she is swept up in the current of the ocean. 

She tries to thank him but it seems he doesn't even want that from her, little does he know she is not the sort to give up.....

What she soon realises is that very few people in the small town like him, they all think he is bad news and try to steer her clear.

Only 2 people stick up for him, his boss who he lives with and his girlfriend. When Samantha meets them, it turns out they knew her Mum and Dad in school, how can that be though, he didn't meet her Mum till after college.....

Don't people understand that no matter how much you try to shield people and keep things from them, the truth will eventually find a way of getting out. When it does it almost always breaks your heart.

Her Dad tries to forbid her from seeing Jaxson and let's out a secret that will devastate him and change the course of both their lives.

I can't say too much else without giving away what happens and I don't want to spoil it for you, but please please read this book. 

I love a good cry in a book but this one had me almost suffocate myself crying so hard in to my pillow so I didn't wake my kids up. They are used to hearing me cry over a book but this was a full on sobbing.....

A massively well deserved 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by Sue