by Kristen Proby

This punchy little novella brought all the feels to the page and left me with a smile on my face…it was just what the cold winter evenings call for.
Reed had no idea that he was a father but when his charming four year old daughter Piper enters his life, he quickly came to realise that nothing would; ever be the same again because there is nothing that he wanted more than to be the best father he could. But his work life balance was less that equal and as such he had decisions and adjustments to make but my heart knew that he was always going to have Piper at the forefront of his plans…so a stellar Christmas it was going to be then, no matter what he had to do to achieve it.
The banter that flowed between him and the feisty funny designer Noel, that was redesigning his home, was joyous, but also hinted that the pair of them were open to having a little more than just a working relationship. I like her, she had a lot to offer both him and Piper and it didn’t take a genius to work out that together they would be exactly who Piper needed.
I liked that the author gave them time to explore their connection, well as much time as she could to be quite honest in such a short story but it was most welcome and certainly helped me to feel as if they were working to their own pace and not being rushed at all.
I loved the way that Reed was with both Piper and Noel, he was a strong man, used to getting his own way but he was willing to show a different side of himself to those that mattered the way that they both did.
Fabulously well written this was a great little read.

Topic: WONDER WITH ME by Kristen Proby

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