Ex-Con by M.S. Parker & Shiloh Walker


I missed something in this book, I’m not saying that I didn’t like it but that I read it feeling as if I was missing a key element and it wasn’t until I got to the end that I was able to shake my head and flick back through, still wondering what exactly it was that I was looking for.

Anyway after a day or so I have come to the conclusion that I was missing time.

It was a fast paced read – yep and in normal circumstances that is never a bad thing, it keeps me engaged and the action just keeps on coming but in this instance I sort of got the feeling that it was going too fast for the characters, I wanted Bobby and Carly to slow down, relax and enjoy and I’m not 100% certain that the story gave them the opportunity to do that.

From almost the minute the bumped into each other their situation was frenetic.

Now I get and I like a woman that knows her own mind and she knew that she wanted Bobby but she was like a dog with a bone, jeez woman stop and take a breath at some point!

I did like the fact that she wasn’t deterred by his past, by his criminal record or by the opinions that others had of him but surely his opinion should have been taken into consideration. I got the feeling that he was desperately trying to find a way out of the whole body guard offer, so she offered enough money to ensure he couldn’t say no.

Now that I wasn’t comfortable with.

I initially thought that getting her own way was more important to her and that is not a path I wanted either of them to travel down. But she partially redeemed herself as the book progressed although I will hands down say she is not entirely my cup of tea.

I suppose if I had to sum it up I would say that I liked Bobby, he was a strong man, not because of what he had been through but despite of it. He did not allow it to define him, it was just a shame that others did. He was a warts and all type of guy, a man’s man in many respects but one that was not too proud to hide his emotions but I wanted him to flex a little more con muscle, not go all alpha on me so to speak because that just wasn’t him but for his character to have a little more flesh on the literary bones so to speak.

I liked that the story was told from his point of view but I couldn’t help but think that if like him I had spent time incarcerated I would have found it hard to dance to Carly’s tune.

This was the story of polar opposites and what it would take for them to meet in the middle because there had to be some middle ground and they worked hard to find it. It wasn’t easy but then life isn’t and neither of them had what could conceivable be construed as reasonable or normal pasts, they had to find a way to get over his past and her lifestyle to make a life that they could both function in and to make it work… did they – well that would mean you opening the book to find out for yourself! Give it a shot!

Topic: Ex-Con by M.S. Parker & Shiloh Walker

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