Specimen by Shay Savage

This has all the hallmarks of a boardroom bloodbath!
The Mills Conglomerate have managed to get their project off the ground and now Project Mindstorm is up and running, all we can ask is...Is the end result going to be worth the pain and hostility that is being waged! Because make no mistake, this is war, and Sten is caught up in the middle of it all.
I felt for him, he hadn’t a clue who the heck he was, never mind what was going on.
His pacifier, the balm to his rage was Riley Grace, she was the only thing that soothed his soul and i ws thankful that he had her, she was his godsend because not only was he easily riled, but when his power was unleashed, it was absolutely boundless!
He really possessed a strength that was beyond imagination.
But was everything as it seemed or were his emotions being as chemically warped as his physicality? The experiments were relentless but the results who knows where they were leading.
This was nothing like I had expected, it was more detailed and more exacting than I could have possibly ever got my head around.
Sten was an amazing character and it was impossible for me not fall hopelessly in love with him. He had a mask of mystery that intrigued me. And as for Riley, well I couldn’t have picked a better partner for him, she was everything that he wasn’t and that meant that together they made the perfect combination.
I liked the fact that their relationship made me want more for them, made me care and had me rooting for them all the way, despite the angst that the situation heaped upon them.
This is one of my favourite Shay Savage books, and I say that because it was unique, it isn’t trying to compete in a field that is loaded with similar storylines, this one stands head and shoulders above the rest.

Topic: Specimen by Shay Savage

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