Final Play

by Alexa Good

This followed a tried and tested formula, it laid its groundwork and created a very clever story around the connection that Jake and Olivia made when they were still trying to graduate from college. Their time at summer school might have been to make sure that they both completed the required classes but they hadn’t bargained on meeting each other and what that introduction would mean for their futures.

Fast forward six years and Jake is a sporting super star, he has everything he could possibly want and is loving life, but that does mean he has forgotten Olivia; far from it, he remembers every little thing about her and the time they spent together, she left a mark on his life that he has never really shaken off, he loved her and her leaving him has almost shaped him into the man he is today…after all how can you form a relationship with anyone else when you still love someone that you can’t have. Although I don’t doubt he could have found her if he had put his mind too it!

But luck is finally on his side, he is buying a new house and his agent is none other than Olivia. Time for him to put their past to bed, once and for all …. or is it?

Seeing Jake again was a bolt from the blue for Olivia, a situation that she might have considered but never really planned for, she had things she needed to talk to him about, things she had kept from him for far too long but now as his real estate agent, she had nowhere to hide, he was her client and their interaction was going to happen whether she liked it or not. But just how would the man that she has loved for the last six years react when he finds out what she has done, how can she possibly explain why she has kept the fact that he has a son from him?

There was an attitude about this book that gave it a lift a little from the norm, I liked the fact that Olivia was trying to set up her own business, that she had been able to support her son without Jake. She didn’t take the easy route with the decision she made but I actually quite liked that about her, I’m not saying that she was right to keep him from her son but I sort of got why she had. But now they are back in contact what are the ramifications for them all?

How can they overcome the void that has been created, well it isn’t exactly going to be easy but they have a connection that just refuses to go away and although I got the impression that neither of them was entirely comfortable with admitting how they felt, I loved the fact that through all the time they had been apart, the bare bones of their connection remained intact.

This was something that was ready to be addressed…were they? The author gave them both the opportunity to show and tell their side of the story, she gave Olivia’s need to plan and control ample room to do its thing but she also gave Jake the room he needed to address the situation with his normal elbows out attitude. They were poles apart but so right for each other that it was hard to fathom.

There were elements of the story that I found a little frustrating but overall I would have to say that this was a couple that I didn’t mind spending some quality time with.

Topic: Final Play by Alexa Good

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