Agonize by Xavier Neal

A marriage of convenience may be how it starts out but it most definitely isn’t where it ends.

Tony has come back from Vegas with more than memories of the fun time he had while he was there – he’s come back with a wife.

Tying the knot with Lex may have been intended to help her get her green card and to stay in the country now her rock band are beginning to make it but feelings be damned because there is more between the two of them that they were initially willing to admit. It doesn’t take long for either of them to step outside the sham and stop playing at the whole relationship thing – they develop feelings for each other that are all too real and that brings its own set of problems.

Tony doesn’t want to give Lex up and is determined that now he has his woman that he will keep her and despite her gruffness and the rocker persona Lex shows to the world, in private she is just as keen to be the woman that Tony both needs and deserves, the two of them are pulling toward the same result but they are doing it from opposite directions and that doesn’t bode well for either of them.

Miscommunications and misunderstanding have them at each other throats and no amount of hot (and I do mean hot) loving is going to be able to sort that out without some serious talk time.

Lex has issues that give her cause to doubt everything that she wants but Tony has determination for the pair of them and he does everything he can to prove that she is safe with him and that he really does love her.

And who would have thought that words of wisdom from the inimitable Logan Kellar would help them both along the way – god I love that man!

Can they overcome their issues and make their marriage work or will this marriage of convenience be more of an inconvenience to them both?

As with the other books in the Senses series – the writing style is exceptional, I love being able to converse with the characters and no I don’t feel like a plonker for saying that – I really feel that they encourage me to interact with them and their little nuggets of banter are just a stroke of genius.

This has been my favourite series find and I cannot recommend it highly enough – if you are looking for something different then look no further because Xavier Neal has your back!