by Jillian Dodd

If you are already a devoted fan of this series then you will have been chomping at the bit to get your hands on this book and quite rightly so, Ms Dodd continues to deliver time after time, with a character driven story that plays to its strengths.

The storyline is ultimately engaging and you can’t fail to become engrossed in all the individual characters and their unique and at times, complicated situations.

I think the author is very astute with the inclusion of characters from her previous novels and the fact that as a reader you have travelled with them as they have aged, gives a continuity that is almost impossible not to been bonded too. The lives of these men and women matter, there is an emotional investment that even now, as adults it is impossible to shake.

This is Knox and Katie’s journey and it was every bit as sensational as I thought it was going to be, although I have to say that in my opinion Knox kicked a$$.  

I adored the connection between the two of them, the journey that they took and the events they encountered, shaped not only the path that they were on but their final destination.

I thought the “secondary” characters loaded the storyline, please note that I use the term secondary in a very loose manner because in all honesty I don’t think you can seriously label any of them as being secondary…well unless you could Shelby because I really don’t like her! And as for Riley and Ariela, well let’s just say by the time I finished the book, the jury was still out on whether or not I was a happy camper with them and their antics, they needed taking down a peg or two!

The story is absorbing much like the series has been to date, the characters are enchanting ND the quality of the writing is everything I could have hoped for and more.

Yet another fabulous addition to the series…bravo!

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