Aced by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

There was a chemistry that was impossible to miss with Ace and Dylan. A connection that just simply could not be tamed.

Ace lives his life in the public eye and because of that every move he makes is under constant scrutiny, especially after the world became aware of this sexual orientation. He is proud of who he is but is savvy enough to know that anyone entering into a relationship with him is going to have to deal with more than your average companion.

Dylan is a model who has taken a role in Ace’s latest film, not only a huge deal professionally but a personal opportunity to work alongside a man that he has had the hots for, for far too long.

I liked the fact the Ace was willing to take Dylan under his wing professionally, but they had more to consider when their private life takes on a life of its own. Ace might have a dirty mouth but the two of them together…heck they were enough to render a reader dumb struck!

Ace did everything he could to keep what he and Dylan private and special, to almost protect Dylan from the intensity of the public glare but could he work magic????

The story was both intense yet light, it had more humour than I had anticipated and overall it was a read that was completely outside my normal reading materials but that I will hold my hands up and say it was superbly written and wonderfully descriptive

Topic: Aced by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

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