The Boss

by J.L. Perry

For a little book this had a lot going for it.

This falls perfectly into my lunchtime reads category, a short spicy getaway from the dreariness of the working day and it can easily be finished in one sitting.

While I think the story was accomplished, for me it has a little issue and I do mean small, I thought the back end of the story was fully loaded and that there was almost too much being piled into it which had me slightly frustrated because it meant that there story was almost out of  balance, I understand that the author had a lot to say and not a lot of time to get it all across but I found the pace of the second half a little disconcerting.

Anyway what about the story…without giving anything away because this really is one you should give a chance. Hanna is Harrison’s best friend Ethan’s little sister and following the infamous “bro code” she is most definitely off limits and has been for years but when they find themselves working together will that remain the case?

Now, let me tell you Harrison has being an Alpha male down pat, every sinew screamed “alpha” and it did so with pride, I was drooling! The sparks were set to fly once they were back in contact and there was no dousing the flames, this pair were scorching!

But what about her brother Ethan, when he finds out what is going on will he be willing to accept his friend and his womanising reputation dating his sister?

As you can probably guess he isn’t best pleased but with his missus Michelle very much fighting Hanna and Harrison’s case, he soon learns that his opinions might be best kept to himself! You will adore Michelle by the way!

I think to sum this up you get exactly what the author lays out in her synopsis, it a short clever read with characters that you will enjoy.

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