Odin: Gods of Wrath Security and Investigation by Michelle McLoughney


As a start to a series this was a heathy kick off, although at times the sheer number of characters was a touch overwhelming. I got the fact that the author was laying the ground work for the series but every now and again I had to try and check back again to make sure who exactly she was referring too.

The guys are The Gods of Wrath – security company – and boy did I like the title – it suited them perfectly and this the first book belonged to Odin – no surprise there I hear you say – but Odin did surprise me, because I thought I was going to fall head over heels for his alpha ex SEAL but that wasn’t the case he wasn’t an easy character to like initially.

Once Odin had taken the decision to military this SEAL was only ever heading on way and that was to join his uncle Declan in the Gods of Wrath. Now Declan owned the company and although they were related Odin had to earn his place, he was given no soft options and he didn’t expect them either.

But the memories of events in the military that left to his departure were something that he couldn’t come to terms with completely and although he primarily kept his sorrow in check, every now and then he did what he had to do and hit the bar to drown his nightmares, but on this particular night things took a turn for the up – he meets Jasmine.

There is more to Jasmine that meets the eye and there is especially more between her and Odin than either of them are aware of. Uncle Declan holds the key to that little puzzler but when he suddenly passes away Odin is left with more questions than answers.

Now I said earlier that Odin was hard to get a handle on and I think that was just because he was so darn moody, I thought he was too harsh when it came to Jasmine in my opinion but more fool her putting up with him.

But then on the other hand I thought she was playing a very cagey game, she had a plethora of secrets and refused to give an inch – I was no wonder that Odin and his team were suspicious.

Of course her secrets were eventually prized from her and I got the ending that I had hoped for but the characters and the author played a very astute game – they hung on as long as they could.

I am looking forward to the next in the series, I think that now I am aware of some of the other characters, it will flow better for me but I hope to get a bit more Odin in book two – I like when characters cross over.

Topic: Odin: Gods of Wrath Security and Investigation by Michelle McLoughney

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