Something Amazing

by M Clarke


This might be a spin off from the previous series but it was a very welcome addition because in its own right it is a little corker.

This is Rachel’s story and following the momentous decision to call time on her stagnating relationship with Greg, she packs her bags and ropes in her best friend Stacey and heads off on vacation. Sometime in the sun is just what this girl has in mind to clear her head, so Kauai, here they come.

No sooner have the found their feet than they have also discovered a couple of guys to distract themselves with for the next few days.

Jax and his brother Hendrix are just what the ladies need and when Stacey sets her heart on the delicious Hendrix, this situation was only going to end up one way, but that didn’t stop Hendrix trying to warn his brother to keep his hands to himself when it comes to Rachel… she may be friends with someone that Hendrix knows but Jax makes sure that he knows that his friend can take a hike, he owes him no loyalty and this sexy woman is definitely not off his radar – in fact she now has his undivided attention.

Jax never backs down from a challenge, he gets what he wants and he wants Rachel, but is she willing to give him the time of day.

Well what do you think?

She’s determined to have fun and Jax is just the sort of guy she needs to make sure her plan comes to fruition. Foot loose and fancy free she has this holiday to shake away the cobwebs of the past and no matter how hard she tried she can’t stop it when Jax manages to worm his way under her skin.

She knows she is feeling more that she should from this secretive man, he plays his cards so close to his chest that the two of them are effectively in a game of cat and mouse but will they both see the light and open up before the holiday is over?

I liked the pace of the story, they intensity of their relationship and the fun that they brought to the page.

I also really liked some of the secondary characters, especially Becky she was a great friend to Rachel, he voice of reason so to speak.

A creative and concise novel that was both descriptive and extremely well written.

Topic: Something Amazing by M Clarke

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