Rogue by Katy Evans


Melanie and Greyson – some happy ever afters are just not worth the pain but with this pair, walking away is never on the cards.
One way or another, they have to make this has to work!
Melanie has stood by and clapped from the side lines as her best friend Brooke found and fought for her man. Achieving the type of love that Melanie doubts she will ever find.
Greyson King on the other hand, has never loved anyone – other than his mother and she was taken from him by years ago and hidden by his father is a bid to keep Greyson in line. Legacy means everything and control of the Underground – his father’s criminal organisation is all set to be passed to Greyson, only one small issue – he doesn’t want it!
The one thing he does want is his mother’s whereabouts and in order to get it,his father’s dying wish is that Greyson collect all outstanding debts and take over at the helm when he passes on.
Can Greyson, fall back into his Zero persona and do all the things that make him the best in the business in order to get his answers- you bet your arse he can.
One tiny issue!- Melanie is on the list and seeing as he has been enamoured by her for months – he sets out the terms of his acceptance, namely that no-one is allowed to interfere with the people on the list.
He has to keep her anonymous in order to keep her safe – somehow he has to make her see him for just him. He sets his stall out early on and never deviates – she is his “princess” he just has to figure out how to tell her what is going on and still keep her in the process!
Greyson hides in plain sight when it comes to Melanie, laying his heart on the line in such a manner that she would have to be deaf, blind and dumb not to see that he loves her, but he keeps his life whilst he is not with her completely secret and that is heading only one direction – straight down the toilet. Because when she finds out, the fall out is devastating for them both.
Melanie is not squeaky clean in all of this either, desperate to find the money to repay the debt to the Underground she is reluctant to share the situation with Greyson (albeit he is perfectly well aware of the situation- she is not to know that) so she too has secrets and lies that stand in their way.
I loved the moments of humour that crept into the story, Greyson at Melanie’s parents playing charades was just fabulous. A normality that he had never experienced, it made me smile.
The storytelling and narration, told in both characters point of view was first class and in Greyson we get to see that not all bad guys are there through choice. He just happened to have been unfortunate enough to have a bastard for a father that saw him as no more than a commodity.
I found the expression and depth of the characters grew as the story unfolded and the fact that Brook, Remy and Racer popped up a couple of times was great – it felt like we were touching base with old friends.
Greyson’s half-brother Wyatt was a complete loser and to be honest I would have loved for Melanie to have been in a position to resolve the situation with him on her own – a bit of empowerment for her.
Overall, having been an absolute lover of the Real series so far, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when it came to this instalment but I found that by bringing us a character such as Greyson, Katy Evans introduced me to a whole new bad guy – the type of guy that you want to take home to meet the parents because you know that no matter what degree of shit he can kick up and who he can hurt in the process, he would never hurt you!
Melanie has that, Greyson was her bad guy and in that moment - it makes him her good guy too!!