by Tijan

I was late to the Tijan party and have only recently discovered just how different her books are, so when this one hit my kindle it was never going to sit around for long, I couldn’t help but take a sneak peek straight away…big mistake because after just a few pages…hooked!

I liked Charlie and Reese, well initially I liked Reese and that is mainly because I am a true sucker for a sports star, I love the intensity that someone at the top of their game brings to a relationship and he didn’t let me down, darn it that man can brood!

The chat better the two of them was pitched perfectly, they made sense, it might not have always been smooth sailing, but it was necessary. The story has a message, a level of seriousness that I might not have anticipated but that I appreciated.
It was intensely crippling, I felt the devastation and the heartbreak, but I didn’t see the path I was on until the path beneath me was ripped up, Tijan left me high and dry and in all honesty, I loved every darn minute!
This wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t all light and fluffy, nope it wore its issues loud and proud and refused to apologise for them either…you have been warned.
I hope you love the quirky Charlie and gorgeous Reese as much as I did…

Topic: TEARDROP SHOT by Tijan

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