by Kelly Siskind

4.5 Stars
From the outset I have to say that, in my opinion as far as romantic comedies go, this is a bruiser. I chuckled at the conversation and banter between the characters, they definitely made me smile and I don’t know if that the smile ever really left my face.
Yep, I know it that there was more than just a source of humour, they both had so much more to them than that but it was their lilt, their candor and their attitude that hit that nerve for me and that was what kept me entertained.
I felt the ebb and flow of their relationship, the rocky tentative steps they tottered towards taking in an attempt to change the things in their lives that they were unhappy with…and Owen was a very unhappy man.
Mired deep in a divorce that was as more bitter than necessary, he had upped sticks and moved away, determined to start again and not to repeat the mistakes of the past. I loved that he felt engaged with the community enough to help with the Habitat for Humanity project, maybe that was his way for trying to shake away the cobwebs and to try to be the man his divorce had locked away on the inside. But he was going to have to wise up fairly sharpish because when Ainsley rocks up on site…heads turned…including his!
There was nothing not to like about Ainsley, well at least I thought so, and when she put her plan into motion to shake her day to day routine up a bit, I happened to think she was a champ…after all being a personal shopper to the great and the good (or not so good as the situation may be), must have been a tad on the repetitive side, no matter how much you love shopping there has got to be a line in the sand at some point.
Anyway, her decision to join the Habitat for Humanity programme was going to change both of their lives because with his nasty divorce and her poor track record in finding the right guy…if they ever actually found a way to make it to friendship, let alone relationship it was going to be a result.
But that is the whole point, isn’t it…do they, or don’t they?
As I said earlier, the conversation and banter between the two of them is hilarious, honestly, they knocked it out of the park…Oh and despite his initial demeanor, Owen was an absolute gem, I loved him.

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