Kalil by S Reynolds

If you ever needed proof of how far one person will go to keep safe their loved ones- then this book is a must read.

Kalil is special ops, but his trickiest case may just be the woman before him because when Marissa enters his life – everything he ever thought he knew and wanted – changed, one blink of her eyelids and his heart was sold to its new owner!

The book is not just a romantic journey for Kalil and Marissa it has more than its fair share of mystery and intrigue.

Marissa was witness to a crime –and although it may have been years before – she still isn’t safe because despite the fact that she has an amazing group of friends who are willing to drop everything in a heartbeat to keep her safe – she feels anything but safe, especially when a spate of murders in her hometown leave a trail of bodies that she cannot ignore –her fight or flight instinct kicks in and just like that, she is off again.

The killer, West has tracked her down again and has her firmly in his sights this time but Marissa has a trump card, she has Kalil Masters to protect her and he is not a man to mess with.

CIA Special Ops is a job that Kalil lives and breathes for, it is the reason he gets up every morning and it is what he is darn good at but his latest deployment is to protect Marissa – simple you may think and I have to say I would have thought that too but for the first time, Kalil might just have a personal reason for making sure his mission is a success

Kalil is what you would expect from a man in his position – a true alpha and I adored him. He is just so male… if that makes sense.

But Marissa is no shrinking violet either, sure she may be on the run but she is a tough cookie – I mean she has survived 9 years on the run from the man that wants her dead and still does.

The story had so many questions- Could they find the killer? Would Kalil and Marissa give into the blatantly obvious attraction that was between them?

Would Marissa understand when Kalil yells her the real reason he is in town – I mean I know why he doesn’t tell her that he is there to watch and protect her but secrets like that never end smoothly. I had my fingers crossed for them both..

I have to say that while I liked Kalil and Marissa – I found the whole West situation really hard to get a handle on and the man himself was bat shit crazy!

Some parts of this book are not for the faint hearted and could easily fall under the description of being a dark read but the whole book definitely falls under the description of being a damn good one!