Beck by Harper Sloan


Beck - Corps Security Series by Harper Sloan.

Beck is Book 3 in the series following on from Axel and Cage, I wasn't sure what to make of the book to start with as I had found Dee an unusual charater in the previous books and wasn't sure that I would warm to her and engage in her story, but I am happy to say that she was worth the effort.

Beck,on the other hand I did warm too - infact he was absolutely smokin'.

In every sense of the word John "Beck" Beckett is a class one Alpha male - dominant and demanding with just one weakness and that comes in the shape of Denise Ann Roberts ( Dee).

Beck watched and waited for her with the patience of a saint, while Dee fought to accept the obvious attraction- tooth and nail. Her priority was to try to deal with her demons, namely the awful childhood she endured at the hands of her substandard parents and the traumatic events that she suffered at the hands of the regretful individual that happened to be married to her best friend Izzy. The baggage she carries is weighty but she learns to deal with it and with Beck's love and support - comes out of it a stronger person.

Beck understands that Dee is his - it is just a shame that Dee doesn't - but watching their relationship grow is interesting - the dynamic is creative and intense. I was under no illusion that Beck would get his woman - what I was staggered by was his fortitude - he was definately in it for the long haul!

The story may have centred around Beck and Dee but there was more than enough going on to hold my attention - the characters from the whole series are again prominent - and the storyline is all the better for it. Danger is drawn to this group of friends like a bear to honey but I enjoy the group dynamic, they just care and that is how friends should be.

There is one major event that took me by surprise and I give kudos to Harper for handling that event masterfully. Taking with one hand and giving with another - bringing in to the mix, the moody mayhem that answers to the name of Ash.

To all intense and purpose Beck is a good old fashioned love story - albeit one all dressed up to the nines and ready to party and boy does Harper Sloan know how to hold a party!

I am waiting with baited breathe for the next stoy - and am not bother too much if it is either Maddox or Ash - I think they both will have quite a tale to tell.

Congratulations on a fine addition to the series Harper - the countdown to book 4 is now on.

Rating - 4.5 out of 5