What's Your Sign?

by Lila Monroe

A thrill a minute funny romance that leapt from the page and barely touched the ground until the very end. There was so much going on, on almost every page that it really was a whirlwind of a read.
I love Ms. Monroe’s writing style and with this, she took things to a whole new level, because spending time in the company of Justin Rockford was a sensational place to be.
Justin Rockford is the main man of the Rockford group and that is bad news for Natalie Martinelli because they are the new owners of the Gazette and she is ready to fight tooth and nail to try and keep him and his company from ripping everything she holds dear from her, the thought of losing her beloved Gazette is more than she can bear.
Whilst for many the thought of being stranded in an elevator with a man you don’t know may seem like hell on earth, but when he is as sexy as sin( and Justin is!) it doesn’t hurt to make the most of the situation and get to know your fellow captive a little more personally…unfortunately when the elevator door opens and the truth of who that person is and the potential that they have to whip the rug from under you, Natalie is facing a battle for more than just the Gazette!
The japes and joshing that ensued was thoroughly enjoyable, as much loved that Natalie was so willing to get stuck in to save the paper but I totally found hilarious was the fact that Justin was a horoscope man…the fact that Natalie was the force behind his daily doze of direction left so much scope for high jinks.
I liked getting to hear the story from both of their points of view, they each put a lot into who and why they felt the way they did but if I had to choose I would have to admit that I especially liked the perspective that Justin was willing to share, he honestly made me smile.
A clever read that comes highly recommended.

Topic: What's Your Sign? by Lila Monroe

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