by Victoria Ashley


The heart wants what it wants and no amount of innuendo and cajoling is ever going to change its mind, so to speak – just read Cale and you will understand.

Cale has the every opportunity known to man at his very fingertips, to have any woman he wants but he can’t have the one his heart desires because she just happens to be is his best friend and up until now she has been out of town but never out of mind.

But now she is back he has every intention of making sure that his BBF knows that their status is about to change!

Cale’s profession may be as a stripper and he may be an expert on the effect that his body has on women but put that body between the sheets and he is alone – because this super sexy alpha male is a virgin and that is through choice –Damn!!

But he has good reason,  he wants one woman and one alone and he is prepared to wait for her – I was whooping at this point … god damn how hot and sweet could this guy get!!!

Riley hasn’t been home in 6 years, but she is back now and nursing a broken heart after a particularly nasty breakup.

But would she and her heart survive the onslaught of Cale in full on charm offensive?

Could she give her heart to him and trust him to handle it with care, she has been burn before and is far from willing to get her fingers burnt again.

So, Cale has his work cut out but he has a determination that I have to say I really admired, she really was all that mattered to him and he was 100% committed to his cause.

This is a fabulous reconnection, friends to lover book and one that when they eventually give into the feelings and emotions that are bubbling under the surface – I will warn you – they set the pages alight!

But it is not all smooth sailing – there are twists that have the potential to derail what they have and emotions such as jealousy threaten what they have but can they survive the pressures that they impose on their relationship, let alone the grief that mischief makers foist upon them.

Now, I loved Cale, but I have to say that Riley took a little getting used to and at times she was a tad more complicated than I would have liked. I took exception to her jealousy, I was hurling the term “pot and kettle” at my kindle at that point, really I was frustrated with her being so insecure.

She had a glorious man who had not only waited to be with her but continued to dote on her and she almost let the green eyed monster that dwelt within her to tear them apart.

The love he showered her with deserved respect, complete understanding and to be taken on face value – what she saw with Cale was exactly what she got – a man that had laid all his cards on the table and that hide nothing from her – he loved her and made sure that she knew it.

I was delighted when they found their way and that this was a fitting end to the series.

A smouldering, sexy short read.