Falling Sky by Lisa Swallow

Finally the woman saw sense!!

Picking up a few months after the end of book one, I was cock-a-hoop to see that Sky, finally had taken a good hard look at herself and realised that she had a great man, who  was mad keen on her and she had been dragging her heels.

She took stock of her situation and her feelings and finally accepted that she too had feelings for Dylan, ones that she could no longer fight or deny.

Dylan was just as fabulous in this book as he had been in book one, maybe even a little more so.

When his past impacted on his present, he dealt with it and showed that he understood the ramifications and consequences of his actions. His conscience truly was one of his most beautiful qualities.

Sky came into her own and repaid the love he had in her by letting him be the man that he was and not the man that he had fought so hard to leave behind. His past should not define him and she helped him to see that.

Dylan, was truly pained when he lost Sky but in this book we get to see that losing her was probably the best thing for both of them at that time, because now they have the opportunity to face the past together and to grow into their future together.

I loved Dylan, I have done from the first book but in this he just stole my heart, he lived a completely off the charts life with his band and the fame that surrounded him but wanted to be normal, and tried so hard to be the guy that Sky would love.

I wanted him to be my guy next door- I wanted to hold his hand and tell him everything would be ok but I was delighted to be cheering for him when Sky got her act together because he deserved the woman he loved, I was happy that he could finally be happy!

Rating 4.5 out of 5