Calling It

by Jen Doyle


Life has the capacity to decimate illusion, you can build yourself up to a point where what you have might be what you need and what you want but it is too close to what you have dreamt of for so long that believing it is real is just never going to be an option.

For Dorie this was her reality.

The only girl in a family with six brothers Dorie grew up surrounded by testosterone filled pass times, not that she is particularly bothered because when it comes to sports she is an aficionado.

But what happens when the guy you have had a poster of all you formative years suddenly appears in your life, in the flesh and wants more than you could ever imagine possible?

Nate Hawkins is Dorie’s guilty pleasure, she has lusted after him for years, dreamt unfathomable teenage things about him, and even now as a twenty something he is her unattainable aspiration, her fantasy but what if that fantasy comes to life and is better than you could have ever imagined, more than you could have ever hoped?

Dorie has moved to Nate’s home town, no nothing creepy about that at all – I jest it is a little creepy but since he doesn’t live there what does it matter. She has taken up a new job to rebuild the local library and to engage the community again.

Nate and his friend’s foundation support the library like they do much of the town.

But when Nate is forced to take some time out, to get away from the press and their negative and creative journalism, he does what anyone would, he heads home. Needing to hide out he heads to his flat that his sister uses and lets himself in, little does he know that Dorie now resides there and when she comes out swinging a bat he was a lost cause.

His heart knew almost instantly that she was more, his something more but where would it take them?

Dorie convinces herself that what they have is a mere fling, and will be over once he heads back but Nate has other plans, but can he convince her to take a chance on this being more than temporary or will she scupper their happiness?

I liked the fact that Nate really was quite normal, that his friends and family didn’t pander to him, and I adored their cheeky banter, I loved the wit and chatter that went between him and Dorie, that they had something special and I hoped that they could find a way to make it last.

I adored Dorie’s brothers and the way they protected there sister it as just so normal but was normal ever going to be enough for this pair and what would happen when Nate actually found out that Dorie was a little more than the average fan, would being her dream man put him off?

This is an out an out romance and rightly so, it has every possible connotation of romance within it pages and I loved each and every one of them.

And this pair have belonged to each other long before they even met,  their fate was nothing more than a matter of timing!

Topic: Calling It by Jen Doyle

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