The Hunt

by Monica James

In true Monica James style this is one you will not want to miss because Hunter is a man you really should spend some time with!

Hunter is a love them and leave them guy, happy with his lifestyle and love life just the way it is…or is he? Well, that depends on whether you consider the fact that the one woman he actually does want is the one woman that isn’t willing to give him the time of day!

For Hunter, there is only one woman worth a fight and nobody compares to Mary, and believe me he has plenty to compare too but when he gets to the point that he isn’t willing to listen to Mary’s rhetoric any longer, I fell head over heels for him…he may be rude and crude at times, but I have to say that I loved him all the more for the fact that he had a mouth that just didn’t know when to quit!!

Mary felt peeved that she was saddled with Hunter, their best friends were tying the knot, but I couldn’t help but think that it was more than a little bravado and I was desperate for Hunter to find a chink in her armour that he could exploit? Well that was the million-dollar question???

I wasn’t sure about Mary and the animosity that she seemed to show towards Hunter but what I did like was the fact that his desire for her allowed him to show her who he really was, and that hidden depth had not only Mary but myself thinking all manner of naughty things about a guy that was more than just a pretty face.

I very much doubt you will be able to resist the magnificence that is Hunter O’Shea, he is glorious!!!

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