Sweet Revenge

by Natalie Wrye

If you haven’t read anything by this author before then I must say you are in for a treat because this is a woman that has not only her own pace and pattern but an easily identifiable style and it is one that will perhaps catch you by surprise, it certainly did me. But when you have finished the book you will soon realize that this is also a story as individual as its author.
I adore a sports romance, I could get lost for days in the whole world but with Colton and Ana I was desperate to see where they were going so found myself not necessarily unable but unwilling to put the story down. This is one of the books when everyday life just seemed to get in the way.
I thought the pace of the connection between the two of them was exquisite, the fact that their smoulder was allowed to tickle along, the slow burn quietly attracting them both to everything they were uncovering and when they were completely captivated, the author set the flames alight and made use to max up the intensity of them being together.
The book had everything, there was the mystery, plot twists that I didn’t expect, there was romance by the bucket load and more importantly, there were characters that mattered. I adored Colton, he was such a “guy” that I could practically picture the intensity seeping from him with controlled anticipation. As for Ana, she was the only woman that could have possibly been the perfect match for Colton, but they worked hard to have something that was worth working hard for!
The conversations were totally on-point and the dialogue totally realistic, the author really did think of everything. They needed each other, Ana needed to be the one to tell his story and he needed to have complete faith in the person he allowed to see the real him.
An exceptional read that brought me characters I came to love by an author that I quite simply cannot get enough of!

Topic: Sweet Revenge by Natalie Wrye

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