Shattered Reflections

by Reily Garrett

There is just something I absolutely love about the McAllister family and this the series that centres around them by the fabulous Reily Garrett. Each book brings a little something more to the plate and each book draws me further and further into the delicious web that the author is able to weave and I’m not sure that I want to be untangled, because I am beginning to feel very much at home with a cast of characters who have started to feel like family.

I love that the whole family are ever present in the book, and that the story doesn’t just look at the physical events as they unfold but also the underlying dynamic that the author uses to ensure the mystery and suspense continue to mount.

As fans of the series will know, each of the Mc Allisters work within the field of law enforcement and they are the best at what they do but whilst they live to serve and protect, like any close knit family it is those that they love most in the world that they are willing to lay down their lives for, so when Matt comes into contact with Katt, a feisty but naive PI, he can’t help the feelings that she brings to the fore for him, he knows that he should really try to keep his distance, to keep their interaction professional but his heart and head are very much conflicted and he can’t help but be worried that  she may be in need a little more protection that she thinks pertinent. The question is will she be willing to lean on him?

Katt’s new client is being economical with the truth, reluctantly passing on information and making her job more complicated than it needs to be, but just how much trouble are his lies bringing to her front door?

Well, that would be giving away too much. But what I will say that you need to pay close attention because you won’t always be able to guess where the bad guys are going from.

Written beautifully this is every bit as fabulous as I have come to expect from this author, it was angsty in all the right places and crammed with characters that oozed attitude. I loved watching Matt Mc Allister try to come to terms with how he felt from Katt, he struggled with the age difference only to finally get his head around the fact that age is nothing, but a number and this young woman was just who he needed in his life.

A superb addition to the series, highly recommended



Topic: Shattered Reflections by Reily Garrett

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