by Addison Cole


The third instalment and I have never been so content to delve back into the bay…we met Drake and Serena in the previous book and I sort of thought that there was room for them to pick up on the vibe that frizzled between the two of them, I just didn’t know that when it all came to fruition it was going to be so darn good.

Serena is good at her job but working in the bay isn’t her dream, she’s always wanted more so when she gets the opportunity to take up a senior role at a firm in Boston she just can’t turn it down but excitement turns to something else when she shares her news because as much as the usual suspects (family and friends) are thrilled for her, there is one person that definitely isn’t and that is Drake.

As much as he has harboured feelings for her he knows that he can’t be the one to stand in her way but the mere thought of not being able to see her every day is tearing him apart, and right up until her farewell bash he holds his tongue but he just can’t let her go and not tell her ow he feels, and when she tells him that she has felt much the same way for almost as many years then it is safe to say that they are faced with a predicament because when she heads off to Boston they have to work with the one thing that neither of them really want to have between them…distance!

As you can imagine, there is so much angst and attitude as they find their feet, a way to make what they have work and to actually discover what they both are able to tolerate in order to have each other.

Can they survive the distance? Well in some ways I felt as if it was a battle of wills to be the strong one and not admit they were struggling but with their happiness at stake they had to find middle ground…but where?

A great read that was just the most perfect way to while away the afternoon in the sun.

Heading off on holiday …don’t forget to add this to the reading list!


Topic: SWEET HEAT AT BAYSIDE by Addison Cole

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