The Sex Education of M.E.

by LB Dunbar


A delightful journey with two people of a certain age as they dip their toes into the what was only ever going to be a “friends with benefits” arrangement…yep like that was ever going to be entirely possible.

Emme was widowed but she wasn’t over the hill, in her mid-forties she was reluctant to consign her sex life to the past tense, but she wasn’t looking for another relationship either, nothing substantial anyway. But could she find someone willing to have a no strings attached physical relationship, heck where do you even start with that one!

Merek, well he’s been there and done the whole relationship malarkey and has absolutely no desire to be waist deep in that sort of trauma again, it’s too much hassle for him and he is happy for the time being, being foot loose and fancy free…after all life as a single man has its advantages. So surely a bit of fun with a friend with strictly no strings attached can’t be too difficult…You think Merek!

I loved the whole set up of the story, the honesty and the truth of a situation that has both feet firmly entrenched in the here and now.

Life gets in their way far more than it should, this was only ever meant to be easy but as the author so adeptly points out, there is nothing straight forward when you have life, family, kids, work and every other conceivable obstacle of modern living to deal with, let alone the fact that everything seems to be conspiring to keep you in a state of almost constant frustration.

I thought the author delivered a book that was fabulously written and heart-warmingly touching, it gave me characters that I could not only relate to but empathise with. They wore their hearts on their sleeves but they did so with pride.

My favourite LB Dunbar book to date….Congratulations

Topic: The Sex Education of M.E. by LB Dunbar

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